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Signs on the Right of Way: Right vs Wrong

Hunter Odom | September 10th, 2018

Pressure is constant to liberalize longstanding restrictions against commercial use of highway right of way, as government looks for new ways to fund transportation. Debate about the future use of public right of way begs the

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OOH Advocacy… With Breadth and Depth

Nancy Fletcher | January 3rd, 2018

Humorist Edgar Nye introduced the phrase, “A mile wide and an inch deep,” referring to the Platte River. Like a river, OAAA is nonstop. But, unlike Nye’s Platte River, OAAA has breadth and depth, serving as

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OAAA’s Take on Advertising Week 2017

Alli Collier | September 29th, 2017

Last week’s Advertising Week was nothing short of “remarkable,” in true New York City style. With hundreds of panels and networking events to choose from, it was hard for any advertising professional not to participate in

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OOH Events at 2017 Advertising Week

Stephen Freitas | September 18th, 2017

This year’s Advertising Week is jam packed with informative and fun events. Beginning Monday, September 25 and finishing on the following Friday, the activities include breakfasts and receptions, workshops and panels, boot camps, an array of

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Hurricane Response Shows Speed and Reach of Out of Home Media

Nancy Fletcher | September 14th, 2017

Response to back-to-back hurricanes showcased the speed and reach of today’s out of home (OOH) media. In Florida, the well-organized state outdoor advertising association sent multiple, localized emergency templates for digital billboards BEFORE the storm. Here’s what happened

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