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Published on August 10th, 2018 | by Steve Nicklin


A Week in the Life of the OOH Road Show

Steve Nicklin

Steve Nicklin Vice President of Marketing, OAAA


OAAA recently took the OOH capabilities road show to Portland, Seattle, and Omaha. In one week, I visited with 20 marketing and advertising agencies, four OOH specialists, six OOH media companies, and made a special stop to visit with media planners at Amazon headquarters.

That’s 31 presentations in seven days about the power of today’s OOH.

What follows is a sampling of highlights, insights, friends, and fans of OOH made along the way.

Portland, OR

The market tour kicked off with a visit to Wieden + Kennedy, where we met with the teams responsible for League of Legends, Nike, Old Spice, and Secret.

The Facebook team at Mindshare was enthusiastic about the visit. They turned the meeting into an engaging, creative discussion about OOH.

At BPN, Principal Lori Gaffnery, a former OOH media conference speaker, encouraged her creative team to join the meeting.

The Billups group, including past OOH media conference chair David Krupp, had a lively conversation about the capabilities of OOH in today’s media marketplace.

The big team at Pacific Outdoor was really engaged and excited to hear about the many OAAA research reports. The Nielsen Poster study has been a strong asset for them. Immediately following the meeting, a senior account executive reached out to request OOH research and a copy of the OOH Capabilities presentation to use in upcoming client and agency meetings.

Seattle, WA

Next stop: Seattle, where the team at GreenRubio had insightful dialogue about how they currently use OOH and how they might expand usage after seeing examples of the medium’s capabilities in the Road Show presentation.

At Cole + Weber, we had a detailed conversation about OOH measurement and research. This group is excited to get their hands on our extensive library of OOH research.

While in Seattle, we presented to the 6th largest OOH advertiser: Amazon. The meeting was engaging, collaborative, and they have invited us to return for a full discussion about creativity in OOH.

Omaha, NE

The ladies of SKAR joined me in an enthusiastic conversation about the power of OOH, as did Punk the pup.

The media team at Right Idea Media & Creative in Council Bluffs, IA, are pointing to a 3M sticker product that adheres to a surface when heated.

The team at Lamar Advertising Company, Omaha discussed local OOH business and how OAAA’s new research can help drum up more.

At Waitt Outdoor, discussions about the local OOH market were lively and positive.

The Friends We Made Along the Way

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