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New York State Says Out of Home Media is Essential

OAAA | March 25th, 2020

New York State, which has issued a strict stay-at-home order, says a major out of home company operating in the state is considered as an “essential business.” A growing number of states and localities have issued

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OOH Industry Challenge: Finding N95 Respirator Masks

Anna Bager | March 22nd, 2020

  DDI Media in St. Louis found N95 masks in supply bins. The company quickly plans to donate these respirator masks for local health-care workers. Further, the company’s sales force is asking customers to look for

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Vaping Continues to Face Regulatory Headwinds

Ken Klein | March 2nd, 2020

Vaping continues to face regulatory headwinds. State Level Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy sued JUUL Labs in state court, alleging violation of state law by “willfully advertising and/or selling nicotine products” to under-age consumers. Take-aways include:

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with OOH

OAAA | February 14th, 2020

Valentine’s Day is raking in a record level of spending this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Americans are expected to spend more than $27.4 billion on cards, flowers, chocolates, dinners and more. The average spending

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Wildlife Rescue in Australia Recognizes US OOH Industry

OAAA | January 27th, 2020

When news hit the US about the devastation Australians and the nation’s wildlife are facing due to unprecedented fires across the continent, the OOH industry quickly banded together to offer support. In collaboration with the Outdoor

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