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Published on March 31st, 2022 | by Steve Nicklin


Sales Tip: OOH Drives Automotive Category Activation

Steve Nicklin SVP Marketing and Analytics, OAAA


The latest OAAA and Harris Poll research highlights the many ways automotive advertisers are using OOH to generate consumer attention and drive activation. Over half of US adults in cities with populations of one million plus have recently noticed automotive OOH ads, and over 40 percent of recent viewers of automotive OOH ads took an action following ad exposure.

Among the 43 percent of recent viewers of automotive OOH ads who took an action, 38 percent visited the dealer or brand website, and the same number did online research about the dealer or brand. Automotive OOH ads resonate best with men and younger generations, and the ad messages most likely to drive engagement for all adults focus on new model releases, fuel economy, and limited time special pricing.

According to Kantar, OOH automotive ad spending is off to a great start in 2022, with January pacing 23 percent ahead of 2021. Automotive dealer spend, which represented 79 percent of the OOH category in January, is up 18 percent, while manufacturer brand spend is up 56 percent, and dealer association spend is up 36 percent.

Data points supporting the many ways OOH engages automotive consumers are noted below and summarized in an Infographic available to OAAA members.

OOH Automotive Ads Generate Attention 

Consumers who recently noticed an OOH automotive ad:

  • 52% of consumers in cities of 1M+ in size 
  • 50% of Gen Z
  • 49% of Men and Millennials
  • 38% of all adult consumers

OOH Automotive Ads Drive Activation

Among those consumers who recently noticed an OOH automotive ad:

  • 43% took an action after seeing the ad
  • 38% visited the dealer or brand website
  • 38% did online research about the dealer or brand
  • 30% shared information by word of mouth
  • 23% visited the dealer/brand showroom
  • 21% followed the dealer or brand on social media
  • 20% shared the ad on social media
  • 20% called the dealership
  • 19% purchased a vehicle
  • 17% leased a vehicle

OOH Automotive Ads Most Likely to Generate Engagement

Types of OOH automotive ads most likely to engage consumers:

  • 45% new model release
  • 37% fuel economy
  • 36% limited time special pricing
  • 26% maintenance and service
  • 25% limited time financing offers
  • 22% inventory availability
  • 21% interior features/packages – technology, entertainment 

OAAA members can access the full Harris Poll research webinar highlighting a number of key opportunities for OOH, and supporting Infographics.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, Kantar

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