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Published on June 21st, 2022 | by Steve Nicklin


Sales Tip: OOH Influences Back-to-School Purchasing Decisions

Steve Nicklin SVP Marketing and Analytics, OAAA


In an economic climate impacted by high inflation, it’s no surprise the latest research from OAAA and The Harris Poll reveals 68 percent of Back-to-School (BTS) shoppers will be looking for OOH ads regarding special sales and deals as they make buying decisions.

Naturally, OOH ad messages oriented to value or savings were found to be the most relevant. Highlighting an important opportunity for both BTS retailers and OOH media, the results show three-quarters of BTS shoppers plan to spend more this year than usual.

Key highlights from the study are noted below, and OAAA members can download both the full study and Infographic.

BTS OOH ad messages consumers find most relevant

  • 88% value or savings messages
  • 79% convenience/location messages
  • 75% messages oriented to business support of their local community

75% of BTS shoppers plan to spend more than usual

  • 32% plan to spend a lot more
  • 56% plan to spend up to $500 
  • 44% plan to spend more than $500
  • 24% expect to spend the most on clothing 
  • 20% expect to spend the most on laptops/personal computers

Summer is prime time for BTS shopping

  • 43% plan to shop in August
  • 20% plan to shop in July
  • 13% plan to buy some each month until school starts

Where BTS shoppers will spend their budgets

  • 69% plan to shop in physical retail stores
  • 40% plan to shop online

What BTS Products they plan to buy

  • 64% miscellaneous supplies
  • 60% shoes
  • 53% clothing

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll

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