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Published on March 24th, 2022 | by Steve Nicklin


Sales Tip: OOH Opportunities: Increased Summer Travel in 2022

Steve Nicklin SVP Marketing and Analytics, OAAA


The latest OAAA and Harris Poll research reveals even greater opportunities for OOH advertisers as consumers plan to take more vacation time this summer than in 2021. Eighty-five percent (85%) of consumers plan to travel this summer, and more will be traveling long distance (over 2K miles round trip) or embarking on international trips compared to last year.

Correspondingly, they will engage in more outdoor activities and visit more outdoor venues during the summer months of 2022. Consumers will also return to using paid travel accommodations, with significantly fewer planning to stay with family or friends while on vacation. 

Data points featuring summer travel opportunities for positioning OOH are noted below and summarized in an Infographic available to OAAA members.      

Most Consumers Plan Summer Vacation Travel

  • 85% plan summer vacation travel 
  • 79% plan to drive
  • 46% plan to fly
  • 59% of urban residents of 1M+ cities, and Millennials plan to fly

Summer Vacationers Are Seeking Destinations  

  • 78% are likely to visit another city/town
  • 65% are likely to visit a resort or beach
  • 53% are likely to hike or camp at parks
  • 31% are likely to travel internationally

More Vacation Days, Paid Stays and Traveling Farther this Summer 

  • 48% will take at least two weeks
  • 63% plan to stay at hotels, including 73% Gen Z
  • 28% plan to use rental properties
  • 26% plan to stay at a resort
  • 21% plan to camp
  • 19% will travel over 2K miles
  • 24% of Suburbanites will travel over 2K miles

OAAA members can access the full Harris Poll research webinar highlighting a number of key opportunities for OOH, and supporting Infographics.  

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll

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